/me sighs

On one hand is an opportunity that has presented itself and on the other is a girlfriend who i love dearly

Im sick of working on the helldesk and spending my life in front of a screen and dealing with the cretins who wouldn't know a file if it bit them on the nose, my coding is shite so i cant lurch upwards towards being a programmer so I figure I shall go away and get a snowboard instructor certification and see where it goes from there, but the obvious consequence is that i will be following the winter around the world which I like the idea of but...

London in summer is great though, everyone is so anethetised by the heat on the tube that a wave of relative calm has decended upon the public transport system, that and most of England is in Majorca, and i've found out that the pedestrian gates to Richmond Park stay open all year round except in November when they cull the deer so i can go night riding in winter.

Im off tomorrow for some climbing in the Dolomites , which will give me a chance to mull it over and make a decision.