(Russian: "spiritual/mental strivers")

Russian religious sect, which arose in in the latter half of the 18th century and spread throughout southern Russia. From inception, the dukhobortsy were persecuted by the state, and in 1841, they were forcibly relocated to Transcaucasia. In 1898, approximately 10,000 dukhobortsy were allowed to emigrate to Canada. Today, the sect is represented mostly in Canada (where they are called Doukhobors) and Russia.

The dukhobortsy see pure reason as the highest moral imperative1. Revelations and dogma are rejected, or reinterpreted as allegory. In the dukhobortsy view, God manifests Himself spiritually in the soul of the individual (Jesus Christ being considered the perfect manifestation of God in this manner). Deliverance, in the dukhobortsy faith, is achieved through successive instances of reincarnation.

The dukhobortsy, as a matter of faith, will not swear oaths, nor will they perform military service2.

1 A theologian friend of mine, (who is also a Trekker) calls them "Christian Vulcans", only half in jest.
2 Compare with Quakers.