Indian anthropologist, born 1941.

Western anthropologists having spent the past few centuries studying non-Western cultures, it was an odd but entirely fitting turnabout when Prakash Reddy decided to make quintessentially Western Denmark the subject of an anthropological study. In an extended stay in the village of Hvilsager in Djursland, in 1989, he studied Danish customs and social mores.

His findings were reported in the 1991 book Sådan er danskerne! En indisk antropologs perspektiv på det danske samfund (published in 1993 in English as Danes are like that! Perspectives of an Indian Anthropologist on the Danish Society).

Not surprisingly, Prakash Reddy's view of the Danes has been extensively discussed in Denmark. In particular, his description of the reception of immigrants in Denmark (always a hot-button issue in the West) has been hotly debated. For a perspective on this issue, see Poul Pedersen (1996): An Indian Anthropologist among the Danes (in Europaea vol. II, no. 2).