The other day, I decided to try and overcome my natural tendency to be shy. When you’re little and green, people have a habit of asking a lot of questions. You probably wouldn’t believe some of them. (note to self: a node maybe?). Anyway, maybe that’s a good thing and maybe that’s bad. I guess it depends on the type of questions that are being asked.

For a change of pace, I decided to get out of the house and go out to a place I had never been before and have a drink or two. Usually, when I muster up the courage to do something that, I’m peppered with questions and offers like “Hey! Bartender, buy a drink for the Little Green Man!” or “Hey, Little Green Man, why don’t you give us a dance!” and all kinds of other stuff. Sometimes I find it flattering but mostly it’s just embarrassing.

The place I went to seemed nice. It was quiet and empty when I got there but soon it began to fill up. Usually this is when I start to get nervous about what’s going to happen but to my surprise, nothing did. Nobody seemed to notice me at all! In fact, I started to enjoy myself but then I noticed another thing. All of these people just wanted to talk to other people just like them. They had no room in their lives for anybody that might be out of their little circle. In a way, I started to feel sorry for them. I thought of clones.

All of them dressed
in the style of the day
Green is the new pink
Is what I heard them say

So they all wore their greens
And I thought I’d fit in
But my green was different
‘twas the color of my skin

So I sat there alone
By myself at a table
And smiled to myself
I don’t come with a label

This green thing will pass
Of that I’m quite sure
So I picked up my things
And made my way out the door

And on the walk home
I had a quick thought
That styles will change
New things will be bought

But I’ll still stay me
All alone in my skin
With a bounce in my step
And a shit eating grin.