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Yes, it is true…
I am a little green man.
With little green hands
And little green legs
And little green fingers
And little green toes

No, not like an elf
Or even a leprechaun.
Or some kind of comic book character

Some people even think I'm Gumby
But I am not

I am a living breathing little green man

Late at night
I make little green noises
And have little green dreams
With little green creatures in them
I even have little green hair
And little green eyes

Sometimes I eat little green food,
Like peas
Or string beans
I don’t like green M&M’s though
I like the red ones
I do like green Jell-O
But not with fruit in it
That’s disgusting

Someday, I’d like to meet a little green girl
And have little green kids
And drive them around in our little green car
We’d all live in our little green house
On a little green hill