It was a typical day in June at Los Angeles International Airport, which suddenly turned a bit strange. Customs officials were inspecting the luggage and passengers arriving at LAX from overseas. When one of the officials opened the suitcase of Mr. Robert Cusack, of California, a Bird of paradise flew out.

Mr. Cusack had three more exotic birds inside of nylon stockings in his suitcase as well as 50 orchids which are listed as being endangered.

After discovering this contraband in his suitcase, customs officials asked if he had anything else to tell them. Mr. Cusack replied:

"Yes, I've got monkeys in my pants."

He had hidden a pair of pygmy monkeys in his pants.

Mr. Cusack claimed that he purchased the animals in Jakarta, Indonesia and was going to take them to a Costa Rican wildlife sanctuary. Mr. Cusack wasn't able to complete his goal. He was arrested that day in June for attempting to smuggle the monkeys, four exotic birds and 50 rare orchids and has since been sentenced to spend 57 days in jail.



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