These were my favourite pair of spectacles that enabled me to look to the past with fond and pleasant memories, even if the reality of the situation was not quite so great.

I frequently donned my rose tinted spectacles when reminiscing about holidays that, if the truth be told sucked on numerous levels. The spectacles would allow me to gloss over the arguments, the bad weather, the hangovers and the boredom and helped replace them with the images of joy that the holiday photographs depicted.

The specatcles also helped me remember the good in my previous relationships and to forget the issues that caused to the relationships to end in the first place.

The spectacles even allowed me to look back on jobs which, at the time, I couldn't bear to be in and remember all the 'good times' that I clearly didn't have.

The spectacles were fantastic at painting pictures of an idyllic childhood and really downplaying the effects of my parents divorce.

Anyway, I appear to have misplaced my rose tinted spectacles and if they're not in my car's glove compartment I'm fucked if I know where I put them so if you've seen them, you know where to find me - 'cos I'm telling you now, REALITY BITES!