The venue

The Flex (1) in the center of Vienna, the capitol of Austria, is venue of some of the finest clubs in town (often featuring world-famous DJs like Kruder & Dorfmeister), backdrop of live concerts, cultural center and cafe. It is said to have the best sound system in town; no, wait a moment, this is a fact, it's one of the best systems on the continent. When there are live gigs, you usually see local or underground bands, because there's only place for some 800 attendants. However, from time to time also "big" bands like the Stereo MC's play there.
The club events include the weekly dubClub (dub reggae mixed with drum&bass, hip hop and house), London Calling (underground rock) and sub (breakbeating between downbeat, electro, hip hop and drum&bass, often intermingled with improvised MCing, sometimes live-sessions). Saturdays there's always something very special (like gigs by the! crew, (2)), but the admission is usually very affordable.
If you'd like to hear some music they play at the flex, just check out the live stream (3), every day from 23:00 CET.

The place is not of the glamorous nightclub variety, you'll rather face concrete walls with grafittis. But fear not, depending on the event taking place, it can be cosy inside nevertheless. It's common to sense the smell of marijuana inside and in front of the Flex. Depending on how you look like, you'll likely be asked by someone if you would like to by some dope, or if you could be so kind to sell some. I'd recommend neither, because the police also knows about it and it's much better to get your weed from a trusted friend, anyway.

The location

After the operators of the Flex had received hundreds of charges for breach of the peace in the first years, they moved to a new location, which was in fact an empty subway tunnel. Thus, the venue has quite an unusual address...
U2 - U4 Schottenring
Donaukanal Abgang Augartenbrücke
1010 Wien
... because it's not located at a street, but the Donaukanal (Danube Canal). It's easy to find, though: Just go to the underground station Schottenring (the lines U2 and U4 go there) and go to the backside of the station, down the stairs to the concrete bank of the canal (i.e. use the Abgang Augartenbrücke, which means access Augarten Bridge). Just follow all the other people.

The atmosphere

Last week I went to my favourite event there, the sub club, which featured a live gig by Bauchklang (4) but also had a nice DJ-lineup. It surprises me every time again, how diverse the audience is; there are people of all ages, tarted up commercial clerks next to punks next to vamps next to rastas. It was crowded as always. Getting in rather quickly is no problem when you arrive either soon or late enough, but if you want to leave your jacket at the wardrobe, you have to stand in line for ages. If you nevertheless choose to do so, don't give them your backpack with your expensive reflex camera; as far as I've heard, they're not that trustworthy. I prefer flirting with a DJ and storing my belongings on the stage *cheeky grin*. The evening was superb, the music was great (and had the right volume), the people were cool, the drinks not too expensive, the visuals nice. In summer it's even better, because you can go outside and chill out a little between dancing. And you don't have that jacket you don't know where to put.
Speaking of drinks: If you are from abroad, use the opportunity to try the Austrian version of Hooch, which is kind of an alcoholic soda, because it's not sold in too many bars and tastes delicious.

The cafe

Most events start around 22:00, but the flexCafe openes at 18:00. It is as gemuetlich as one of Vienna's world-renowned traditional coffee houses, but at the same time the perfect place to hang out for the modern Everythingian: Four surf stations are integrated into the bar, so, while having a drink (soda-water is free!), you can control a jukebox, which contains over 700 CDs with "chill-in/out-easylistening-background-sound", and even browse E2. The combination of glass and chrome in a dim atmosphere, lit by red and blue fluorescent tubes, and somewhat punk-stylishly dressed barkeepers makes you feel like you're in the Chatsubo (you know, the bar from Neuromancer).

In case you happen to be in Linz (the capitol of Upper Austria) instead of Vienna, go to the Kapu.


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