Nice guys, good drugs, and lots of smooching go hand-in-hand.

Had rehearsal till 10:40 last night (I think our director forgot that he promised us we would be out of there at 10)-- I was supposed to meet someone at 10, and was really late as a result, but in the end, it didn't matter. Got to his house, apologized, smoked some... and may I say-- Let's hear it for really comfortable lemon yellow velvet couches! I'm going to be a couch designer when I grow up, seriously. After this couch experience, it's now my life goal... hehe. Cuddled a lot, listened to The Best of The Orb... and for once, I didn't feel weird and insecure about just being the way I am around someone else. "Would you SHUT your FUCKING eyes!! And stop clacking your jaw!" ... "Well, that's fine."

Kissing, lots and lots of kissing... suddenly it's 4:30 in the morning??? He has to be up in two hours, I have to be up in three or four. I hate that. So we can actually sleep, he retires to his room and leaves me on his nice bright fun couch, where I slide off into dreamland... finally, FINALLY, a decent day.