If I had the nerve, I would ask you what it would take for you to fall in love with me. Of course, to work up the nerve to do this, I'd probably have to be flaming drunk. I think part of me just fears your answer... That you would feel like you had to keep up your aloof personna, and feign indifference with a typical "I donno" answer. Or that you would actually say something mean without meaning to. Or worse, that you would actually really give me an answer, tell me in great detail, and expect me not to take it to heart.

But then... what do I have to lose, really? At worst, you'll tell me that nothing could convince you, and I'll know exactly where I stand. At worst, you'll just make me look at my life in great detail, and force me to figure out what I want. And I can deal with that, right?

Just suck it up, and DO it, dammit.