I was huddled under my blankets while a party raged elsewhere in my house. Suddenly, someone lifted the blankets, and in the light, I could see that it was my ex. He crawled into bed with me and pulled the blankets back over us again. We faced eachother in that dark cave, and finally he said, "You need to tell me something." "I guess," I shot back. Then I thought about it, and rearranged my words. "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have said all that I did. I just needed to hurt you because you hurt me." He put his hand on my cheek... "I know you've found yourself."

Standing in a field, I was in the midst of a disjointed summer wedding. My sister was holding my hand, and all around us, girls were throwing bouquets. I caught one and hurled it viciously at the guy standing next to me.