A classic Apple II game by Broderbund.

You play a guy whose job it is to go rescue his princess who has been captured by an evil overlord. There are three levels of goons to get through and all you have are you karate skills.

You had two stances: one for fighting and one for running. Your only weapons were your high, middle and low punches and high, middle and low kicks.

One thing you have to know is that after you kill the final goon and get to the princess, you have to run into her arms instead of walking in that fighting stance towards her or else she'll kill you.

game hints: http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/apple2/file/karateka.txt

Trivia facts:

While the Apple II supported 6 hi resolution colors, Karateka was entirely composed of blue, orange, black and white. The disk had a redundant copy of the program on the bottom side (Apple's 140k floppy disks were single sided). The effect, however, of putting the disk in upside down was an easter egg -- namely, that the game was rendered upside down (!).

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