Administratively Krakatau belongs to the Lampung Province. Krackatau is located in the Sunda Strait, this is in between Java and Sumatera Island. This Island has been well known and recorded in history since the 16th century.

Around those times the Sunda Strait was a place for heavy business, for this was a traffic line for countries such as Holland, England, Germany that wished to take goods to East India. Now in modern days, the Sunda Strait still has an important role as a business traffic line, but now as well as the field of geological and maritim research.

Krakatau's biggest eruption was in 416 A.D. The eruption and collapse of calderas in 1883 produced one of the biggest recorded explosions that has ever been recorded. Unfortunately this destroyed most Krakatau Island. Since 1927 small eruptions have been plaguing the Island and have created a new Island, which is now called "Anak Krakatau" which means child of Krakatau.

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