The mango tree in my back yard has been quite fruitful this year. At one point we had over 50 ripe mangos in the fridge. Randoms friends would stop by just to get out of the heat and chow down on a juicy mango.

Sometimes I'd see a mango as it dropped, but in walking over to where the mango was all I'd find were rotting mangos, the ones the bugs got to before we could. Just another phantom mango, I'd think as I carried all the fresh ones I gathered inside.

Today, I solved the phantom mango mystery. I walked outside this morning and noticed one of the last mangos in the tree was moving . I walked over to the tree to get a closer look. A squirrel was eating the mango, hanging upside-down, its back claws clutching the branch above the mango, nibbling on the mango as it hung.