Mr. D. came in again today for his One Week Post-Op review. Last week November 9, 2000, I did a full clearance for him. That is, I extracted all his teeth, leaving only 2 lower teeth. This is done under general anaesthesia at the local Day Surgery. He woke up with the new dentures in his mouth.

He was not too happy today. But he's only ever been happy ONCE in all the times that I have seen him - that was November 10, 2000. He complains a lot, to the extent his son/daughter who accompanies him to the appointments feel embarrassed!

There were some sore spots under his dentures, but that was to be expected as the gums heal up. In fact, they were healing quite well. I adjusted the tissue fitting surface of the denture and also the occlusion. I also removed the sutures I placed.

He doesn't clean his new dentures or his only two remaining teeth...I think to myself: some habits just don't change. It was really filthy and I felt sick. I threatened that if he still wasn't cleaning his dentures next week, I would refuse to adjust them for him! How does he expect his gums to heal if the dentures that sit on are the breeding ground for new flora?

He was slightly happier when he left 'cos I adjusted the sore spots.