WOMAN. What is a woman, and what differentiates her from a man? Those who have added to this node seem to see women as creatures "created to make men writhe in agony," and "sugar and spice and everything nice." Women are "yummy," "have an affinity for gold...," and absorb copious quantities of money. They can be great "ornaments", especially for sports cars. They are obviously not known for their intellects because "if a man hears much that a woman says, she is not beautiful."

I, for one, am not satisfied with this description and pseudo-definition. A woman is a human being. To understand a woman, you must understand humanity. The defining element of a human is their soul, or spirit. Are there "female" souls and "male" souls? According to the beliefs of reincarnation, it is possible for a soul to be female in one life and male in the next. This demonstrates that the concepts of "male" and "female" are only valid in the physical realm. Therefor, anything that separates man from woman must also be tied to the physical realm. Differences can only be biological or socially constructed.

'Women are creatures created to "make men writhe in agony."' Perhaps it is not the woman, but rather the man's reaction to the woman, that makes him writhe in agony.

Perhaps if women were not treated as "ornaments," they would not require such "jewels."

To be a woman is to be strong.

To be a woman is to have the capacity to give life. The Spanish phrase for giving birth is "dar alla luz" - "to give to the light."

To be a woman is to grit her teeth and hold back the tears.

To be a woman is to cry openly.

To be a woman is to fight.

To be a woman is to bleed.

To be a woman is to love.

To be a woman is to think.

To be a woman is to be a leader.

To be a woman is to be a mother.

To be a woman is to be a lion tamer.

To be a woman is to tempt fate.

To be a woman is to rejoice.