Escalator etiquette

The etiquette of traveling on an escalator is a simple affair, yet many people, caught up in the self-absorption of their daily commute, fail to be mindful of others. Etiquette is what keeps the rats in the cage from eating each other. So remember, if you don't behave mindfully, someone may eat you.

  • If you stand, stand to the right.
  • If you walk up the escalator, walk to the left.
  • When exiting an escalator do not make an immediate turn across the path of the person exiting from the other aisle. If you are in the right aisle for example, and wish to exit to the left, make a wide left turn, giving the person exiting from the left aisle sufficient room to maneuver.
  • If someone in front or behind you, appears to be ignorant of the etiquette of escalator use, do not cluck your tongue or suck your teeth at them. Just say "excuse me".