Driving north on steady white guiding lines. On our way to a hardcore show, the first time back at that venue in quite a while. Waiting out front early people lingering around moving talking overhearing our conversation to mention they are from the same city as we are, twice this happens. The show seems to be comprised mostly of people from out of town, not what I expected for Avail and Dilinger Four in a large city. Working out the way a nice show does, each successive group playing builds more energy frantically into the crowd, at the end everyone is wired crazy in a frenzy. It is completely absorbing, the motion and releasing tension, draining in just the way I need it to be at this point. It leaches the frustration which had been building at small scattered points, leaving a resulting even calm as we walk away drenched in sweat towards the car, on the way home. Considering what facilitates the passage of time easily through familiar terrain, as we drive south. The more often a path is traversed, the shorter it seems, as if repetition eases the passage from notice instead of inducing weariness and anticipation for the end. The lull of comfortable surroundings tend to have that affect on me, allow things to slip forward at an accelerating rate while my actions slow in inverse proportion. This is why it is necessary to travel, even if only for small distances, on a regular basis.