Disclaimer: I never dreamlog, but downvotes or not, this shit needs some manifestation.

I blame all of you for this.

All the Ralphs and Butterfinger McFlurrys and noders needing wisdoms bad have finally made me snap.

So last night, in the middle of an admittedly already convoluted dream involving an anonymous pretty girl who had died unexpectedly, and for some reason I was a pallbearer, but someone in the family was plotting against me - out of the blue, I decided to sit down for a little trip on the Internet.

And found my way onto Everything2.

And found the most obscure node to date.

It was written by a user I had never heard of before - his user name was Ozymandias. It was his only writeup. And yet he had 88 C!s for it. Even in my dream, I was flabbergasted, and investigated further.

It was a rambling stream of consciousness piece with no post-production. It was extremely long and had a few choice lines, to the point I just clicked the upvote about halfway through and scrolled to the bottom to cast my lot.

But then I noticed something.

The writeup had E2-centric phrases in it ("created by Ozymandias", "(place)", various reputation scores) and seemed to be, rather than one long writeup, a compendium of other writeups. Upon even further inspection, it appeared all of the writeups were short one-liners, sometimes factual, sometimes a weak punchline, never very weighty, given the context of their subjects, - an example: Elvis Presley (person): "Famous rock n roll singer. Wrote 'Jailhouse Rock' and 'Don't Be Cruel.' Died on the toilet." - and almost always with negative reputations.

Suddenly it occurred to me. I was looking at this user's Node Heaven. He had compiled it, formatted it, and placed it back out there into the nodegel. And then another thought occurred me - it wasn't his node heaven, it was some other user's. And they had created the perfectly fitting name to post this bit of existentialist screed. I got an even bigger laugh when I realized that the Elvis post (and others like it) also seemed to have a more symbolic touch to them in the light of this new discovery.

And then a final thought occurred to me, the one that had so intrigued me at first: why did this node have 88 C!s, but I had hardly heard of its existence?

It struck me like a lightning bolt. You could only see the node in your dreams. The collective unconscious drove all to it eventually. The node itself was the mighty work, crumbled now beneath the sands, yet it lived on. Some people upvoted it (or cooled it, assuming Level 4 powers), in sheer reverence to the emptiness of time and life. Others downvoted it, shrinking back from its sordid tale and fatalist leanings.

After that, I forget the rest of the dream. I don't suppose I'll forget this, though.

P.S.: There really is a user named Ozymandias. Some initiate from August, 2002, who stuck around all of 5 minutes. So you're too late, the writeup has already been nuked. But it's there, just you wait.

"Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"