Ever wondered what a halo would feel like?

This was what you said before,
What you screamed to me across the wavering darkness,
Silent and shivering as my hands crept around you,
As we stood and froze under the blank urban sky,
Under skeletal obelisks, sacred galvanic stomachs,
Praeternatural god children in this wilderness of concrete dread,
And we bent our heads inside out and spun around,
Listening to their creaking sails of metallic gossip,
Whispers of coded messages passing through the aether,
Opening our eyes and ears as great human dishes to receive

These transmissions from the satellite heart,

Pulsing down thick running wires of anxious amorphous copper,
Aztec sundials spread serpentine across the landscape,
Steel frame pyramids beckoning to angry gods.
We spilt the blood of sacrifices upon their steps,
We tangled in their arms and wept until morning,
We fashioned Ben Franklin kites to reach their secret passions,
We broke through to the centre before your courage shattered
And you fled through secret inverted mine shafts to empty skies,
Across cavernous swinging bridges lit as a twilight womb,
While the passing traffic spun headlights against our cage.

Wasn’t this what we wanted?
To be eaten alive amidst this field of hydraulic pickets?
To crucify ourselves upon a massive electron cross?
Across its shadows, its dark sweeping reach of congested longing?
To splay ourselves before groping fingers of static and frost?
To be taken up in its fluid wash of redeeming energy?
Ascending to heaven in a flaming solenoid chariot?
Humming fingers coiling around our voltaic corpses?
Crumpled vessels singing frequencies in the antarctic night?
Wasn’t this what we wanted?

These transmissions from the satellite heart.

And as you ran away I heard them again,
Arcane secrets raining down upon rusted antennae,
And our souls spasming in this wash of resonant frequency.
I stood frozen beneath Tesla’s alien juggernauts,
Their symphonies lifted on sacred breezes into the heavens,
Their indecipherable telegrams riding along spindly wires,
Their seismic generators sending tremors through our veins.
They shook you, they drove you from this place.
Ever wondered what a halo would feel like?
This was what you said before I began to climb.