To Quote Matthew good..."I've a grenade, with our names scratched on the side...But that's just love, and you know that love's not enough..." To Quote Enrique Iglacius..."YOU CAN'T ESCAPE MY LOVE!" To Quote Lucas..."You can't escape my scratched up love grenade. That's enough."

Let's evaluate this train of thought, shall we?

According to Matthew Good (Infallible), love can be represented metaphorically by a grenade. According to Enrique (Definitely fallible) You can't escape his love.

There are several conclusions that can be extrapolated from these statements, or rather metaphorical abstractions.

First, and perhaps most likely, is that Enrique enjoys chasing girls with his grenade collection, making sure none escape.

Secondly, were Enrique ever required to go to war, he would most likely try to kill people with his love. Judging by the size of the thing he has growing on his face, this is an entirely plausible method of mass destruction.

Thirdly, Matthew Good, were he to fall in love, would most likely run into trouble. After attempting to dispose of the grenade, it would most likely return to the "Inescapable Us," (Underdogs, 1997) killing, or at least severely maiming both the artist and his companion.

Finally, it is extremely evident here that there is no correlation between the album "Beautiful Midnight" and Grenades. Beautiful Midnight was a much more machine gun-centric album, while "The Audio of Being" was much more grenade oriented. Enrique is fool. I predict that at its current rate of growth, the parasite that he has growing on his face will have devoured his entire body in the next 8 months.