Wait a While

“I didn’t expect this, you know, I only asked you to sing with me. “

“Yes, and I refused – didn’t I?”

“Then I saw my chance. I heard you say you loved the song they were about to play...”

“And you took my arm and led me away.”

“I did. You had taken off your jacket. I remember your white shoulders. Three hundred pairs of eyes were watching me lead you to the stage.”

“I don’t remember much. I’m not sure my head was around the whole time.”

“You sang beautifully, but I could not tell you right away. And then we danced...”

“…I remember crashing down back to reality. Oh yes. And that all the girls wanted to dance with you, afterwards.”

“Served you right, you tease.”

“At the table, I was shaking. It was only one dance. The girls were laughing at me. And shocked you held me so close.”

Did I hold you close?”

“For a moment, I thought you might kiss me.”

“Now that would have been sudden. At the time.”

At that time, yes.”

“Sing to me, now, through our little peephole. I can’t wait to see you much longer. “

“We’ll manage something. Wait a while.”