Before I start with the how to I would like to clarify a few points. By "little death" I am referring to la petite mort, when a person loses consciousness during or after an intense orgasm. For the sake of ease I shall focus on the female perspective of faking a little death.

We have all heard or even experienced the fact that at some point women have faked an orgasm. It is really not a difficult task, sorry to say, moaning at the right moment and strategically placed writhing and voilà! you have an orgasm performance you can be proud of.

Faking la petite mort is a completely different kettle of fish. La petite mort is the grand mal seizure of orgasms, an intense transcendental experience that will give the most consummate actor a run for her money. Especially if your lover is experienced, and from research and experience it seems that to be able to fake a little death orgasm convincingly you need to do able to do a number of things whilst moaning, groaning and writhing enthusiastically:

  • Have strong and great control over your pelvic floor muscles to produce the vaginal contractions associated with a large orgasm. If you can undulate them in order quickly even better!
  • Muscle spasms also help with the whole fake, from head to toe.
  • Producing a fine film of sweat will add to the effect.

When the time is right collapse into semi-comatose state but be careful if you are in a position where this could cause you or your partner damage. If you have faked the orgasm this faint should not be hard to control but if you have had an orgasm you might find this a little difficult. The collapse should include completely relaxed muscles and no reaction when touched by another, for dramatic effect you can add shudders and/or incoherent moans. The collapse should last at least two minutes but try not to fake a real death, breathe for the sake of your partner’s sanity.

As you rouse yourself from your stupor you can bask in the glow of a performance worthy of a BAFTA, Tony, Oscar or Logie award.

Now if you have gone all through that effort to produce a performance fit for a diva you might want to ask why? If your lover is not aware of his/her inadequacies then how are you ever going to be delivered into the arms of the blissful state of la petite mort with practice?

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