The Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona close to Bellaterra, where I currently study Computer Science. It's a quite big University, with science, humanities and everything else. We are one of the few universities in Spain with an american-style campus, with lots of grass, where you can find most of the students, instead of being in class.

My favourite places are the faculties of Audiovisual Communication (Journalism et al.), which is one of the newest buildings, with lots of light, a very nice 'lobby' and perhaps the prettiest female population on the campus. Other highlights would be the faculty of Translation and Interpretation, with a very nice inner garden and the CVC building (home of the renowned Centre de Visió per Computador, that is, the Computer Vision center), with its squared building with mirror windows (and a pretty stone garden inside). The oldest buildings are pretty boring themselves, built using the same ideas over and over and a very boxy feeling.

Some interesting resources and places are:

A rather fine place to be, if you ask me.