Chris is beautiful. She's one of my friends in Audiovisual media technology. We've been chatting today. She's a nice blonde, somewhat nordic (I just found out she's half-dutch). She's got a wonderful voice (I just found out she sings in a band). I guess she's got a boyfriend (I'm nearly sure).

This class makes me feel old. I'm used to being the youngest on CS (and seeing nearly no females). There are tons of girls on this class, but they are mostly 17-19.

Ugh! They make feel old and I'm 21.

Two days ago I found out that a friend of mine has just published her first paper. My brother told me. There it was, along with her picture and her email. Funny. I've got her phone number, I've been to her place and I didn't have her mail. I sent her a quick congrats mail. I don't see her much these days.

My life's a mess... just like everyone else's. It's just that I feel as if the weather was grey though it is blue now. It's not cold. The sun is shining even.

I have to buy a suit for my cousin's wedding. I hate buying clothes.

I probably sound depressed. I guess I'm not. I think I'm catching a flu. I'm tired. Writing daylogs is therapeutic, isn't it? Dunno. I'll tell you about that later.