Taboo is also the name of a men's magazine published by the same people who put out Hustler...and if you thought Hustler was gross, don't even glance at Taboo, which is devoted to extreme fetishes and hits a new low in gratuitous sickness. Most of the pictorials involve women being tied up, gagged, locked in a cage, tortured with hot wax and needles, or something similar. Worse yet, most of the women aren't all that nice-looking (I sort of suspect that these are desperate women who were too unattractive to get into less humiliating magazines). They also tend to have far too many tattoos and piercings. Basically, if bondage and leather and S&M are your sort of thing, then I guess you can give it a shot, but it's just not for me. I wish people wouldn't sell this magazine where the teenage boys can get at it.

  • Pictorials: 6-8
  • Girls: varying ages; many unattractive women; lots of tattoos and piercings
  • Penetration: lots (dildo, fingers, penis, other weird stuff)
  • Lesbian: 0-1/issue
  • Guy/Girl: 1-2/issue
  • Group: occasional
  • Fetish: leather, watersports, heavy bondage, sadomasochism, enema, anything sick you can imagine and some stuff you can't
  • Stories/Articles: I don't know, and I'm not picking up another issue to look.
know_no_bounds's rating: zero stars