A small, but often crowded, club in Baltimore, on Pratt St. On Saturday nights, they used to host the Bound Baltimore event, but, due to personality conflicts, Bound DC yanked the event. The club is still pretty much the same, though, they just changed the name of the event to Taboo (although the hand stamps still said BOUND for a while).

The club has two bars, one on each floor. There is a dance floor in front of the first bar, which is almost inconcievably small. If you plan on dancing to a remotely popular song, wear spikes, and thrash around a lot, as that is the only way to get any space. Drinks are pricey (especially after the $8-10 cover (depending on your age, and when you arrive)), and the shooters are more or less non-alcoholic. They also have other events on other nights, which switch around a lot, and I've heard are mostly hip-hop and house music.

There are two common types of people who go to Club Orpheus on Saturday Nights. The first is a tourist. As a tourist, your responsibilities involve excessive alcohol consumption, hitting on anything with breasts, asking a local dominatrix to beat you, and laughing at men wearing eyeliner. The second type of person is a pretentious goth boy/girl. Your responsibilities involve excessive alcohol consumption, exposing your breasts so as to intice people to hit on you, beating people, and bitching about how those tourists are laughing at you because you're wearing eyeliner.

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