The Transcendentalist Hypothesis of a Fourth Dimension submits that trillions of years ago space was a vacuum containing only light nuclei and the universe was devoid of all matter. Atoms were created from energy through nuclear fusion which is the action of two light nuclei joining into one stable nucleus which is lighter than the total of the two and therefrom emit energy. This nuclear fusion of atomic particles possess vast amounts of energy which is also a fundamental attribute of life and function of the universe. An equivalent quantity of physical energy was expended in creating the atom which was thought to be indivisible but now know can be resolved into component units. This nuclear fusion and physical energy caused a chain reaction, a collision of atoms resulting in the formation of compounds; the beginning of the universe.

Modern atomic theory is generally said to begin with John Dalton, an English chemist and meteorologist who in 1808 published a book on the atmosphere and the behavior of gases that was entitled A New System of Chemical Philosophy. Dalton's theory of atoms rested on four basic ideas: chemical elements were composed of atoms; the atoms of an element were identical in weight; the atoms of different elements had different weights; and atoms combined only in small whole-number ratios, such as 1:1, 1:2, 2:1, 2:3, to form compounds.

In recent years, we have learned that 95% of the Universe is made of a type of matter or energy that we cannot see nor understand. Gravity may ripple across the Universe in waves, and certain cosmic rays, atomic particles moving at near light speed, possess an energy far greater than that which can be explained by modern physics.

In the Theory of Relativity, the intuitive notion of time as an independent entity is replaced by the concept that space and time are intertwined and inseparable aspects of a four-dimensional universe, which is given the name space-time. Einstein sought unsuccessfully for many years to incorporate the theory into a unified field theory valid also for subatomic and electromagnetic phenomena. This is not feasible because any and all of our scientific data is applicable only to this physical third dimension.

Einstein also said “It seems to me that science not only purifies the religious impulse of the dross of its anthropomorphism but also contributes to a religious spiritualisation of our understanding of life" Einstein refutes a personal God, which logic and rationality supports. He also said that "God may very well be the energy that is in all matter and energy, that cannot be separated from matter/energy". I submit that what mankind calls God is the pure energy in the fourth dimension, the progressive and accumulative spiritual intelligence of the universe. The existence of a fourth dimension is still being vastly debated. If we represent thought and emotion which is not physical, as existing in space, we must then accept the existence of another, a fourth dimension where these processes thrive. Our [Mind, Thought, Truth, Intuition, Intelligence, Appreciation and Awareness are all aspects of another dimension.

The universe is the encompassment of ALL (matter, energy, space, time) that exists in a physical, material, tangible or intangible, natural or unnatural state in this third dimension. Our subconscious contains the records of our life’s experiences and is composed of consciousness, awareness, thoughts, and emotions. The physical composition is a mass of atoms. Emotion is the energy that drives the physical body. Energy is like electro-magnetic energy, or light. It is carried by photons; it can cross-convert back and forth with solid matter, according to the ratio E=MC^2, and when in the energy form, its propagation speed is limited to C, which is the speed of light, approximately 300,000 km/sec.

With the evolution of life forms in the third dimension we can then deduct that the fourth dimension which is also considered the spiritual dimension, came about through life in the third dimension. All of what we can presently see of the universe, its billions of stars, the galaxies, and other solar systems with its planets only represent less than 2% of the total existence of the universe. Did Life begin on earth? It is naïve of us to assume that throughout the trillions of years past that life has only existed on our small world and therefore the fourth dimension, the spiritual existence came about through mankind.