A manga/anime inspired Keenspace web comic by Emily Snodgrass and Allison Brownlow (Emi-chan and Tanzy). Ellie James is an American exchange student studying in Tokyo for a semester. Ellie is a very obsessed otaku/fangirl and drags a member of her host family, Keiko Hasegawa, to Tokyo Tower with her, the both of them dressed in sailor fukus, because, to quote Ellie, "You have to wear it! Every time someone gets transported to another world from Tokyo Tower, they are wearing a sailor fuku! We can't take any chances!" No sooner does Keiko object that stuff like that doesn't happen in the real world than a flash of light engulfs Tokyo Tower, and waddaya know, they find themselves in another world.

Along with Ellie and Keiko, four other people are dragged along: Petra, an irritable weapons freak; Hoshiko Yamano, an ecchi high school student; Eichi Shinohara, an ecchi struggling musician, and Lycidia, a wealthy high school student who's determined to take over the world. (Are you pondering what I'm pondering?) It turns out that they were summoned to UberTokyo by Daisuke Dohmoto, an otaku/fanboy who bought a book on how to summon a harem of loving and devoted girls; he should get his money back, because not only is one of the summoned a guy, but none of them happen to be feeling any sort of positive emotions towards him for dragging them into an alternate world. (Well, except for Ellie; this is what she wanted to happen, after all).

They set off to find a way to get back home (after Lycidia declares Daisuke to be her loyal minion), but not all is well in UberTokyo. Kerisu, the Evil Overlord of UberTokyo, is having a problem with his fawning groupies, who are on strike, so he sets his eyes on this new batch of girls to be his new groupies. His sends out his loyal minion, Dom, of MegaTokyo fame, to capture them, and...

And it gets even weirder than it already is. If you like weird stuff, give it a try. Can be found at http://strangecandy.keenspace.com/