Would leveraging goats across all platforms be as feasible a concept as leveraging synergies across all platforms, or would it be a red-tape nightmare, stuck in development, new technologies, or process and implementation? Would people show up for training? I know where you can buy goats, cheap, just one or two counties west, right next to a hubcap cemetery. But how many platforms are we talking about, here? We need to provide our clients with the most flexible, scalable, value-added goats possible, using a critical core of goat management processes to enhance infrastructure and partner across organizational lines.

update. I am not making this up. Please note the striking and entirely coincidental similarity between the above paragraph and this excerpt from a VP email that was sent out within the company that I used to work for:

...part of our ongoing efforts to leverage our people, tools, and processes to gain cost efficiencies across support functions.