Thirteen goats ate fourteen oats aboard the boats of Greece.
One hectorous ewe partook of two and th'others knew a fleece.

The swindle done by this strong one, a lamb saw fun to make.
'Round ewe he raced and then he braced and placed her in the wake.

The ewe did call, and cry to all about her fall in fright,
The captain's mate, took men, threw weight - then mutton ate that night!

The danger of noding one's verse,
Is that such text is often quite terse.
So if content is poor,
Then one can be sure,
To get downvoted, laughed at, or worse.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the above is my own 'work'. I simultaneously came up with the first line and the name, which is a rather pathetic play on the name of the film 'Thir13een Ghosts'. It may or may not be related to a peculiar dream I had last night (ie if that pleases you, then it did). It took approximately 15 minutes to write in all, the blocking out took about 2 and the remaining time was spent trying to make all the rhyming bits match up syllablicly.
It is of course a thinly veiled bit of political satire, and I imagine that any readers in Norway will be enormously offended. That is my intention.

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