I'm naked. I'm sitting on a short wall, Village Idiot-like, at the far end of a mall parking lot in Florida. It's raining. An elephant three times the size of any that I had seen in Kenya strolls by with a boy on its back. The boy waves to me.

An older-model white Mercedes pulls up several yards away on my right and stops. It has Mississippi plates and is sheltering three blonde females. A few moments later a door opens and a clown egresses. He stumbles a bit; the women wave joyously and drive off.

I hate clowns. He is still stumbling. I don't know what the hell these women did to him or how much he drank or what the situation was but I hate clowns and I jump off the wall and run around the Sears on the corner to the other side.

There are people. I'm still naked, and somewhat nervous. I go into the mall and look for underwear. Why, I don't know, but I have one of my credit cards with me. I look and look through this section, STILL NAKED, just taking my time. I never find anything I like.