I'm not sure when you were in the US last but gas is about $2.00 per gallon here in California now. and Detroit hasn't made many cars over about 2 tons in quite a while. In fact, the majority of US cars are actually Japanese in design and are assembled here in the US.

see geo metro, ford aspire, or yugo.

the 5 liter engine you are most likely talking about is in Ford cars like the Mustang or a different version in the pickup trucks it makes, which are both made in Canada now. The Mustang is a performance car, where the european designers went for more cylinders and higher RPM to make more horsepower in high RPM ranges. The US designers tended toward 8 cylinders and big displacements to make horsepower in low RPM ranges.

Status in the US in the 1950's 1960's and 1970's meant you had a car as big as a whale that could seat about 20 and it got 3 gallons per mile. Because back then you actually *could* get gas for pennies a gallon. So it's still the case here in the US to see people who are well off buy big cars because that's what dad did, when he could afford it he bought a Cadillac land yacht and then he was riding in style. Although any more you see a lot of mazda miatas, Porsche Boxsters, and BMW Z3s running around

Personally I'd take a 3000 pound Mustang with a Cobra 4.6 liter in it over any of those any day.


SUV's are trucks, they are built on truck frames and use truck engines, and therefore are not counted as cars. As you see lots of big trucks anywhere I doubt the original poster was talking about trucks. Obviously trucks have plenty of reasons to be big and have lots of power. Carrying stuff for one, status aside. Also I forgot to mention that England has its own group of big cars the Rolls Royce for example. For the record I live in the bay area and yes you do see lots of SUVs.... the miserable bastards. I have a sneaking suspicion that my death will be because of a road raged dumb fuck driving an SUV that rolled his status symbol over my transportation. And as SUV's are only dangerous to those not driving SUV's He will probably survive.