The Black Company is the subject of an excellent series of fantasy novels (referred to by the clever appelation 'The Black Company series', which begins with a book entitled The Black Company) by the ever-underappreciated Glen Cook. The last of the Free Companies of Khatovar (I will not explain the meaning of this phrase--discovering it is an important MacGuffin in the books), it is a mercenary company with a long and storied history. They're about the most feared fighting force in their world they inhabit, mostly because of their famous trickery and highly effective and demoralizing use of minor sorcery (of which the books include many fascinating examples), as well as the requisite on-field prowess.

The books are written from the point of view of the Annalist, who keeps the records of the company's actions, and reads sections from old annals at company meetings. As the occupant of this position changes, so does the narrator and narrational style, but most are written from the point of view of the company's doctor, Croaker.

The series consists of the following works:

The Black Company (Information taken from the Glen Cook Fan Page,, accessed on 11/26/2000)

Notable characters include Croaker, the Lady, Goblin, One-Eye, The Ten Who Were Taken (particularly The Limper and Soulcatcher), Murgen, Thai Dei, Lisa Daele Bowalk, and Sleepy. This is a fabulously incomplete list.