The antagonist of Myth II. When his master, Balor, is killed, Soulblighter decides to finish Balor's job of either ruling or destroying the world himself.

Soulblighter wears his hair in a topknot and wears loose pants with no shirt. He has a long, S-shaped scar on his chest, and his lips and nose have been cut away to reveal the skull underneath. It is said that he performed these mutilations on himself to gain power and immortality. He carries a long halberd and is absolutely ferocious in combat. If seriously threatened, he can turn into a flock of crows and fly away.

Soulblighter is also known as the Twice Born or Damas.
Through human sacrifice and ritual self-mutilation, he is able to prolong his life for centuries.
The scar on his chest is a ? mark shape, it is from when he removed his own heart. His nose and mouth are cut away and the skin around is held in place by wire. With no lips on his face, he appears to have an permantant wicked smile.
His weapon of choice is a glaive.

Not a person I would want to meet in a dark alley.

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