The Weekly World News is an American supermarket tabloid - however, unlike other tabloids out there whose purpose in life seems to be the widespread divergence of bogus gossip about celebrities, the WWN goes a step further and reports a myriad of strange information. Recurring themes on the cover involve the end of the world in a biblical sense (read: Armageddon), invasions of aliens that bear a remarkable resemblance to undersea creatures, various grays endorsing a particular presidential candidate (most recently, as ximenez suggests, George W. Bush), Elvis sightings, strange psychic phenomena, off color political rants courtesy of Ed Anger, and other various and sundry stuff generally intended to make you laugh in the same way that Dr. Strangelove made you laugh, and much of it is accompanied by odd looking photoshop bits.

Yes, make you laugh. The WWN, as near as I can tell, is a tabloid that is meant wholly as a parody of other tabloids. Anybody remember Bat boy? A gag, easily. Possibly related to furry fandom, but can't tell.

So buy it, make yourself laugh, and use it in the same way that Yakov Smirnoff once used Pravda.