I've never heard of giving flowers to people instead of slapping their faces, but according to this, I guess a person or two does just that. Listed below are the meanings of several flowers, and they are not at all pleasant.

Bluebell - Humility
Striped Carnation - "No"
Yellow Carnation- "You have disappointed me," rejection
Cyclamen - "Good-bye"
Yellow Hyacinth- Jealousy
Hydrangea - Frigidity, heartlessness
Orange Lily - Hatred
Marigold - Cruelty, grief, jealousy
Petunia - Resentment, anger
Evening Primrose - Inconstancy
White Rose - reverence & humility

And to think orange day lilies are my favorite flowers! What does that make me? On a lighter note, I did find some weird meanings of two flowers . Why wouldn't you just walk up to someone and say what you mean instead of having flowers sent? It would be so much easier.

Spider Flower - "Elope with me"
Viscaria - "Will you dance with me?"

I didn't make this up off the top of my head. The info was found at http://www.metroparkflorist.com, along with the meaning of every other flower I have ever heard of. I just thought flowers were supposed to be pretty, yo. But as usual, I just managed to prove myself wrong and tell everyone about it at the same time.