A tussie mussie (alternate spelling tussy mussy) is a small flower arrangement that can be held in the hand. They were made with flowers selected especially for their meaning as determined by the language of flowers.

The name "tussy mussy" or "tussie mussie" may be applied to the bouquet itself or to the slender holder (usually silver) into which the flowers and/or herbs are sometimes carried.

An inexpensive way to form a hand held tussie mussie today is to gather the flowers in one hand, continually turning the arrangement to create a symmetrical spiral around a center flower. End the spiral with an attractive circle of foliage, herbs are especially nice if they are pleasantly fragrant. When the arrangement is complete wrap stems with some green "florist tape" which stretches slightly as it is wound around the stems and so will hold them in place. Cover florist tape with decorative ribbon. Leave stems uncovered at bottom if the arrangement will be placed in water. Trim ends evenly.

This type of arrangement when made larger is called a "hand tied bouquet". A common use today is the modern bridal bouquet.

Home gardeners can make small flower arrangements with minimal flower material and effort but lots of impact by using tiny containers and arranging what flowers they have available with greens from the yard. Call them a tussie mussie for a little extra fun.

Dried herbs and flowers arranged in a small circular cluster backed by a paper doily are used as Christmas tree decorations for a Victorian theme. These are also called tussie mussies

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