I wore shorts on my head today. They kept my ears warm.

It's homecoming this week. That means early morning dance rehersals for the performance at the final pep assembly on Friday. And dressing like an idiot just because no one can say anything. Anything goes during homecoming week - bathing suits, hats, no shirts at all (for guys, anyway). Reduced homework. Staying after school every day to help with random tasks that need to get done before the game. Marching band practice. Waking up at three every morning to go search for the tire (lots of bonus puntos to the class who finds that). Planning the perfect senior prank to outdo the guys who put a VW bug in the courtyard and let chickens loose in the halls one year. Go seniors.

Other than that, there's really not much else going on. I went to Mobil and got some crackers for lunch, and some gummy octopus things. They were cuter than the name suggests. I went straight to bed when I got home, and just woke up less than an hour ago to the smell of stew cooking. Enough time to eat, node, and then it's bed again for me.