The Weekend:

I got out of class a whole three minutes early on Friday afternoon. I went to Schmoo’s dad’s house to pick him up as was planned. I pull in the driveway to see him talking with his step sister while she smoked a cigarette next to her green Volkswagon. I received a dirty look, a sneer, and a glare before she got into her car and left. I’ll never understand why she hates me so much. Schmoo said she was in a bad mood. He was supposed to have been finished with raking the leaves so we could get going to Ann Arbor to see Aaron and Nick, but he had only barely started. So I had no choice but to help him finish. It wasn’t so bad. I can think of worse things to do than rake leaves and talk shit with the Schmoo. We turned up the Prodigy and rocked out in his yard for an hour while stuffing leaves into trash bags.

We finally got on our way around three o’clock. The drive was long, and we missed out exit to get onto business 23. We watched it go right past too. We were discussing that this was probably the exit we should take, seeing as how it had all sorts of bright green signs saying “ANN ARBOR” and “BUSINESS 23,” but we somehow managed to convince ourselves to keep driving. This happens every time, I swear.

Ended up arriving later than expected. I moped around while Nick and Schmoo talked Ultima Online for four and a half hours straight. I fell asleep somewhere in the middle of discussing some sort of boot camp for gruntees. Somehow I know I’ll never understand, and yet it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Woke up to the sound of posters falling. I found some poster putty and slapped them all back up on the wall. They stayed put for about seven minutes. Nick and I had a hockey stick fight, which ended with me being bruised (as always).

Later that night, after purchasing a fifth of JD and some Captain, the four of us sat around for a couple hours. I had about half the whiskey mixed with three cans of Faygo Red Pop. The three more liberal participating members of the party went out on the porch and had some cigars and various other smokeable substances. Aaron and I had to calm Schmoo down after a raging cough attack. That stuff was nasty.

A little while later, everyone went to bed. I woke up and puked. In a pan. It was not pretty.

Slept for most of the day Saturday, and then cooked some pasta for breakfast/dinner. Went with Aaron to set up for the gig his band had. They played really well. I was the designated picture taker, so I had to nicely push seven-foot-tall death metal fans out of the way so I could see Jauoquin in his pokemon suit screaming in Spanish. Good times.

On the way home, all of us were deaf. But we did hear someone run up behind up and scream “SCHMOOO!” It was Steve and his girl Tracey, as well as Chris, Mike, Danny, and several other old friends. We hung out at the apartment and watched Braveheart. Steve was dressed as Zorro, and speant most of the night threatening to show everyone the ‘long arm of the law,’ as he put it.

Sunday morning passed by quickly. Went to Fazoli’s for breakfast/lunch. Played a couple quick games of Rush2 before saying goodbye and heading home for the weekend. Drove home at speeds reaching 100mph (about 145km/hour, I believe), and made it back in record time. Schmoo slept the whole way, so I only had Jonathan Davis to keep me company.

I miss Aaron already. And Nick too.