A free weekend at home? Impossible! But I guess it isn’t, cause here I am.

I went to see a movie today with Bobby, a good friend I met in FST last year. He chose Bounce, which I was reluctant to agree to, but finally gave in. It wasn’t half bad. I actually enjoyed watching Ben Afleck in various states of undress, but that’s to be expected.

Bobby and I stopped by the mall, where were went to Famous Footwear to see what Erica was up to. She was tied up for the time being, so we shopped for leather coats and watched the same group of kids walk past several times. The roads were terrible. We started fishtailing while driving down James, and if we had gone into a ditch, Bobby’s little turquoise Honda wouldn’t have been able to make it back out. Thankfully we made it home.

I also cleaned the house a bit, which is highly unusual. I found things I had forgotten I’d lost. Among the recovered items were:

  • my turtle fur striped hat from Old Navy, which has been my trusty companion since ninth grade marching band season;
  • my Anatomy textbook that had turned up missing earlier this semester;
  • several earrings I had dismissed as permanently gone were somehow preserved under my alarm clock, good as new;
  • my photo album from Europe had been hiding under my underused desk for the past five months;
  • and finally, my favorite roll of toilet paper was found under my bed and with many suspicious teeth marks leading me to believe my cat was responsible for its disappearance. Damn felines.

Overall, quite the productive resting period.