Today was spent working, but it wasn’t so bad.

I had gone to bed at some insane hour yesterday, and ended up getting thirteen hours of sleep after waking up at nine this morning. Ate some pancakes, filled the eleven holes in my ears with bits of metal, swallowed six pills at once, and ran out the door to work after filling my purse with feminine necessities (I woke up this morning with an unwelcome early visitor).

While driving to Pfaltzgraff this morning, I saw an obese woman standing at the corner of Lakewood and 168th, right in front of Lakewood Elementary School, wearing nothing besides a black leather coat and dirty Tweety Bird slippers. That was probably the last thing I would have expected to see in Holland.

Work went quickly. Nothing extraordinary happened. There was one couple who came in and spent well over $600 on the Naturewood pattern of dishes; ten minutes after they left, the couple returned and spent another $100 or so on flatware.

Closing was a chore as always. The deposit was miscounted several times, and nothing added up to what it was supposed to. We got out a half hour late because a five dollar bill had been misplaced. Right.

Aaron called when I got home. I told him I had to do homework, and the entire conversation was spent trying to rationalize why it was necessary for me to go. Every time I tried to saw “I love you, talk to you later, goodbye,” something would come up. He had to tell me about band practice; I forgot to mention something of no consequence; the winner for Iron Chef was about to be announced and we needed moral support. Just the usual stuff. I looked at the timer on the phone when we finally hung up, and it said 32’ exactly. How could we spend thirty two minutes saying goodbye?

I would also like to wish E2 a happy birthday. I feel so old . . .