This journey of life is a funny thing. The way life swirls around us and moves us forward never fails to amaze me. A simple series of events a few years ago has turned into a waterfall of change. Time has continued to march forward for us all.

A few weeks ago, our family visited us. It was good as always. My biggest regret is that Chad and I were so busy cooking, feeding, coordinating, etc., that we had little time to actually sit down and enjoy ourselves. But, I have to feel that it was all worth it since so many people thanked us. The bad news is that I can pretty much guarantee that it will be the last time we host a gathering of that magnitude. Which brings me on to my next item.

As some of you already know, Chad and I received some good news the day before the gathering. Yes, the rumors are true, noders are reproducing. Chad and I are expecting a nodelet, due March 8, 2006.

After receiving this momentous news, I’ve spent a lot of time reading various bulletin boards, and I’ve found out that the women that frequent these boards are hormonally crazed women who are mostly stay at home moms, who think that pregnancy and motherhood grants them goddess status. I have no connection with these women. Perhaps the tomboy in me, the one that would rather talk about how we’re going to frame-in our loft and somehow build a baby’s room, overwhelms the delicate flower worship-me-I’m-pregnant part. I’m glad it does.

Yesterday, Chad and I went for our first real ob/gyn appointment for the pregnancy. I’m officially eight weeks pregnant, and our estimated delivery date was accurate for the size of the developing embryo. The best part was getting to see the little heart beating away inside its body.

Life continues on. We’ll work, study, play and move through our days. We’re still on this journey.