A Gin that is made by San Miguel, Inc. Philippines, it is also the name of the corporate Basketball Team that plays for said company in the Philippine Basketball Association.

From the label you will learn that it is a standard gin of 80 proof (40% alcohol) but just have one shot and you will be quite convinced that it is double that. It does not have the sweet essence of Juniper as one might be familiar with higher quality Gins such as Tanqueray or even Gilbey's.

While it is a true poor man's drink it recently has been gaining popularity with the younger and middle-low class crowd as a spiker for Tang's pomelo juice, which miraculously masks its extremely foul taste.

Jokingly referred to as "Gin Bulag" by locals, "bulag" meaning "blind", the joke is that it is so strong (or so foul) that one can go blind if one has too much of this gin.

Its popularity is directly proportional to how depressed an area is.

To get an idea of how it tastes, imagine taking a vat of pure ethanol, then soaking rubber tires in it for a week or so.