(note: i am creating this as a public service announcement about what happens when you forget your medicine at college. It is not some attempt to look super giganto cool by broadcasting to the world: "Hello, I take zoloft. I am so gloriously mentally ill! You will love me yes?" Nevertheless, i am sure plenty of people will downvote, and downvote, and downvote. Enjoy yourselves.)

Yea! I thought to myself. I go home for weekend, to the land of clean showers and food that is not pre-packaged noodles. So i grabbed my neccesities and ran out the door. But as you can tell from the node title I forgot one little neccessity i probably definitely should not have.

The first day was alright. I had experienced the side effects of forgetting to take it before. I felt a little woosy and dizzy and such, but at least i could still speak in complete sentences. I took it in stride really, and resigned myself to tough it out. Then the next day, today happened. As you can probably tell from my grammar, i have very little control over my speech. The room spins without really moving and everything is way too bright. I sometimes forget i'm awake and lose myself in staring at some spot on the wall.

This all leads me to question the goodness of zoloft. Sure, it helps me get through some really shitty days, and makes me a completely different person than I am without it. But then there are these crazy side effects. I feel drunk but without any alchohal consumption. I feel high but without the fun giggliness.

I'm not really sure where i'm going with this anymore. I wish i knew where my original destination was. All i can really do is apologize for any errors in the above writing and hope that you will learn from my experiences. Don't bother with zoloft. Or if you do bother with it, make sure you bother with it consistently. And keep some at home for those super forgetful times. Anything else i don't know right now. But i have this overwhelming urge to eat ramen.