Well, that was embarrassing. When I came home from school, my 11-year-old little brother grinned knowingly and told me he knew what was on that unlabeled CD. Oops. Looks like I forgot my, cough cough, entertainment movie CD in drive. Though I felt my face turning red, with a cool of an older brother, I inquired him coolly "and?". He seemed quite fascinated by it, and now I wonder if I can ever again watch those damned movies. Maybe it's time for another attempted de-hooking. It might be a good time for other reasons too. Mmm.

Well, not to be completely egotistical, here's to all involved concerning the WTC incident: my condolences. However, I can't help but to wonder if some perspective might be required. Measured in human lives, this disaster is hardly unique. I've heard it said several times that "this is the largest deliberate, man-caused disaster ever", and every time I wonder "Oh? Do wars 'just happen'? Maybe that atomic bomb just slipped?". No, don't think I'm implying anything. Nobody deserves anything like this. But if news and history books have anything to do with reality, this is far from "nothing will ever be the same again" scale disaster.

We had a silent couple of minutes in school for you know why. I was silent. Death is not good, and I must admit it's still pretty stunning to think that there actually is a huge pile of rubble where used to stand a building I visited 6 years ago. Strange, though, how I can be properly respectful and the next heartbeat snicker about it. On that tuesday, while the news trickled about the building being hit, then hit, then collapsing and hits, I was chatting with a rather spiritual and almost religious friend in a way that, well, was far from nice. Thought it was a virtual environment, it felt like we were grinning madly and making bad jokes. As far as I know, neither of us is particularly opposed to USA, but I do know this was the most exciting news event for years I can think of, and, well, if I can't fake concern I won't. Sorry. If that makes me evil, then so be it. Consider this writeup to be at the mercy of your pain.