This just keeps getting better. Or worse. It depends. There's this russian guy, apparently a visitor or something to the conference (wrhc) who has been hanging around in the computer room for whole week. Right on the first day he decided that he's not going to ask for permissions or any of that crap and went and installed the russian keymap, or would if he had the privileges. Of course, I would've done the same in same position, but now he's doing much of the other tech support here. Technically I should be the one, but I don't really mind. Gives me more time to read clueless comments at kuro5hin (mostly my own, I like reading my own comments), and besides, today I became a victim of UF productivity virus, so I can't be bothered with mundane issues. Still, some part of my mind thinks uneasily "so for exactly what do I get my pay?". I think it's because I was raised in a lutherian country, as atheistic as my family might have been. Christianity is more than a religion, you know, and even if I find the assumption of the existence of some supernatural beings unfounded, the ideals of our specific branch of christianity run deep, and among them, an idea that I need to be useful to justify my existence. Hmm. I wonder if that's why I have this urge to code software with no hope of getting anything, even acknowledgement, out of it.

P.S. Did you know that "hirvas" is a male adult reindeer? Probably you didn't. Is this the sort of information that should be in E2 database? IMHO, yes, it should be. Question: how am I going to tell this to E2 database? If I enter a writeup containing the text "An adult male reindeer", we all know what would happen to that writeup. But if there simply isn't any more to say about the subject, how can it be a weak writeup? Should I maybe softlink it to "adult male reindeer" and create a nodeshell for that? Doesn't that sound just a little bit stupid to you? So should I conclude that no, E2 doesn't need information about things for which there isn't much to say about?