New Laptop
I got a new laptop to play with. The guy said that it was broken. The battery light was flashing and was a bright blue LED. The computer was a Pentium 2 1000. To "fix" it I plugged in the recharger and everything was fine. When I started the computer the first thing that came up was the Commodore 64 ready screen and the battery light turned dark blue. Then the text got corrupted and the boot process continued normally.

Crashing At My Place

My Sister was telling me that some guys were crashing at my (our?) place. There was a discussion about me sleeping on my bed and not on the couch as one of the guys was going to stain the sheets and drool all over my pillow.

Funeral in the Square

In the open square of some town for the funeral of one of the mother of a guy I knew in high school. In the procession were 2 vans I thought were ambulances, but were actually vans from the bank she worked for in the dream. I left and went up the hill to a parking lot. There was a reason, but I don't remember what it was. I saw a couple of guys walking down the hill and into the woods at the side of the road. They were going to the path that I used to get up the hill. I thought they shouldn't go over there when the funeral was going on, so I followed them.

Running From Something

We went into the sewers to investigate something, and found it. They were like the bugs from Lost In Space (the movie), except they were metallic and painted yellow. Two of the group fell down as they were running, and were eaten. We ran to make it to our entrance point. To cover up the hole we used to get in the sewers, we duct taped a blanket over it. The blanket was just big enough to cover the hole. I was skeptical about it being able to hold them back. I remember thinking that if I got caught by them, I wouldn't be able to use my new laptop (see above). We evacuated, and I saw that we were on my ship which was in the drydock. I was running with my calculus book. We had to go down the stairs to the bottom of the drydock and then up a different set to get out. I thought they were right behind me, but they weren't. A couple of people were standing on the second set of stairs, oblivious to the fact that a small group of people were running for their lives. It was dark, and when we got to the top of the stairs we went straight to the road. There was a traffic jam, because people were trying to leave the city.