Strangeness in TV Vision
the majority of this dream took place from the perspective of me being a camera.
There was some discussion between some of the women characters from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. The discussion was about what they were going to do with their lives whe they got to their new homes, as they had all married in order to get away from earth, which had been taken over. Next, the scene cut to the bridge of a different ship. The people on the brige were wearing a wierd uniform, which I knew to be that of the "Time Corps". In charge, was a black boy of about 10, that the bridge crew kept calling Mace. After hearing the name a couple of times, I realized that he was supposed to be a young Mace Windu. I thought it extremely strange that there would be a Star Trek/Star Wars crossover. This Time Corps ship attacked an entire battle group of ships dissolving them each with a single shot from its laser. One of the ships it destroyed was called the Galileo, Which I thought to be of the same class as the Voyager (Both space probes, my reasoning), but very heavily modified, like with gun turrets, etc.

Then the scene cut again to another ship (possibly the first, but maybe not), pulling up to a mooring on a planet. It had something written on it in red, but i dont remember what. The ship split and transformed. The top half turned into a large mechanical chicken and the bottom half ended up looking like a horse with no head or tail. Just off of the offloading platform was my uncle's house (as i understood it, didn't look like the real thing at all). There was a huge party, and a bunch of celebrities were the for some reason. The first person I see is Rosanne Arnold (or whatever her name is now), having a conversation with John Goodman about how if one got fatter from eating the food at he party, the other one was responsible. The REALLY weird thing about it was that I couldn't see their heads. I (the camera) floated behind them into the house where they met Joan Rivers. When Rosanne said hi, the reply was "Whatever Rosie, I don't care." Ms. Rivers was carrying a cat. At this point I became me and walked into the next room, with a bunch of other cats in it, and I sat down and pet one of them.

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