I remember, climbing with my sister,
spying pot roasts from the crow’s nests
of jungle gyms. I am excited and a little scared
when the screen door slams and mom yells,

Dinner! Propelled though shortcuts past cat tails,
growing in dried up creeks, mentally thawing
until the sun comes around once more;
we leap onto five-speed bikes to go one last time
around the block before headlights rule the streets

and dad comes home. We lie
and tell them we finished our homework
so we can watch other families on TV.
After The X-Files end on a cliffhanger
cries through yellow teeth fill the air.

Do we have to!?
Yes! and brush your teeth too

No matter what I try it still isn’t fun,
so I do it quick and jump under the covers
with a flashlight and Spider-Man comics.
Anything is possible when I close my eyes.
I always wake up hoping I can stick to walls.